Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yes, I did know that.

Lloyd is on a health kick lately. He has become very boring. Green tea instead of coffee, no red meat, no wine, and entirely too many vegetables. He has taken to reading nutrition labels and is shocked by the calories and fat in his favorite foods. I went to the commissary the other day and bought a bag of salt and pepper potato chips and I am totally addicted to them. They only come in a huge bag so I try not to buy them, but I was hungry when I was at the store yesterday and blah, blah, blah, I came home with them. I was thrusting fistfulls into my mouth today and Lloyd looked up the bag and exclaimed, "Did you know that 15 chips have 150 calories?!" I think he actually expected that upon learning this startling fact, I would immediately spit them out and start doing pushups in penance. Then, he looked at the bag of chocolates that had jumped into my cart and said, "Did you know if I ate this whole bag, it would be more calories than I should have for the WHOLE day?" Huh, who knew? I'll tell you who knew. Any American girl over the age of twelve, that's who. Even one with no food issues. Like me. Unless you consider stuffing your gullet with chips as fast as you can a food issue. Which it's NOT. But that's a rant against society for another day. I just heard that I can get my whole day's calories just by eating one small bag of chocolates, and I'm a big fan of efficiency, so if you'll excuse me....

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