Saturday, July 26, 2008

The magical, mystical laundry ball

I just got my new laundry ball today and I LOVE it!!!! This thing is so cool! I had never heard of them but I was searching for tips on cleaning cloth diapers and found someone raving about it on her blog. It came today and I have been testing it all day. The picture shows a ratty old t-shirt I cut in half and stained with blueberries, coffee and ink, then cut in half. I washed half in a load with the laundry ball and the other half with All Free Clear, after treating both halves with Zout, which is similar to spray and wash. The circled stain you see on the laundry ball shirt was old, so that one doesn't count. The pen marks on the All shirt are also still visible, but they don't show up well on the picture; they are up by the shoulder under the words. The laundry ball did better with the coffee and blueberries, while the All did do a little better with the pen marks. The clothes done with the laundry ball smell like pure nothing, even a shirt I ran through that had a little mildewy smell from sitting in the washer a day or so longer than strictly necessary. So it's definitely a must buy! $26 for one or $48 for two, and each will do a minimum of 1500 washes. So that will last me.... let's see.... multiply loads per day times seven, carry the four, yeah, here it is: roughly three weeks.

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Carol said...

Looks like the camera is the best spot remover of all. Dad, not Carol.