Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Modest Proposal: SCRUB

We moms here at Osan face some serious problems: child care and household help. Also the communist hordes over the border, working on their nuclear reactors, but this blog concerns itself with REAL problems. Housekeepers here are called Ahjimas (awe-jah-mahs) and their whereabouts are closely guarded secrets. These wonderful Korean ladies will clean, do laundry, and perform various other household tasks. Almost every day desperate moms can be heard begging for someone, anyone, to give them a phone number. But today I think I've solved both these problems (child care and household help, not the whole communist thing) in one fell swoop. Behold, my new troupe of Short Children Rubbing Up Blecchhh. I call them SCRUB for short, and here's how it works: You bring your kids to me to 'babysit', and I hire them out to the desperate moms to wash windows, water plants, clean walls, scrub floors and do those other dirty little tasks. They're great for those hard-to-reach spots! You can see them in action in the video. If you are with the Nobel Prize Committee, I can be reached at:

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Lauren said...

I'll send Carter over. His going rate is one cookie/hr. And when I drop him off, you're getting a swift kick in the shins for that last comment.