Friday, September 12, 2008

Milk Maid, take two

This is the new, improved 'Milk Maid' nursing t-shirt. All in all, much better. Nice job, Tommy; udderly mammalicious! But we think we need to add a slogan to make it perfectly clear to even the most casual observer that it is, in fact, a nursing themed t-shirt, so that we can wear them around the base without fear of being misunderstood. The potential for humiliation would be very high. Almost as high as taking Shane to the BX, which hovers around 100%.

Some ideas from breastfeeding support group this morning:

'I make milk; what's your superpower?', and
'Got Milk'?

Any other suggestions?


The Martin Family said...

I really liked Sara's idea of "Boobs not bombs", or something like that....but I guess that doesn't really say breastfeeding either. Maybe the milkmaid needs to have a baby in a sling across her body or something. I really liked that idea of a saying though.


Carol said...

Mike, not Carol, sez: "Here's Milkin'at you, Kid"; or: "This Milk's for you, Baby"

Carol said...

Mike also sez, that "Got Milk" is good, but not with a ?. Use !: "Got Milk!"

Janel said...

I vote for "I make milk what's your superpower?"