Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You're going to let ME babysit?!

What are you, crazy? Don't you read my blog???? Oh, you do? And you're still going to let your kid come stay at my house? Okay, then, better stock up on the Spray and Wash. And something for the clothes, too.

One of the really great things about living at Osan is our babysitting co-op. It is awesome; there is always someone who can babysit, even on short notice. Weston and Shane love it when some of the other kids come over. The other day we had Carter, a little redheaded cutie-pie, over for an hour or so. He arrived in a natty little matching shirt and shorts, crisp and clean. He had a diaper bag with his name on it, filled with healthy snacks. Weston had another friend over and we were making cinnamon rolls. I had a chunk of dough for each kid so they could all make their own roll with raisins, cinnamon sugar and chocolate chips, but I guess Carter and Shane were a little young for the sous chef assignment, because they both just started stuffing the dough in their mouths. A scant hour later, when Carter went home, he had green marker streaked on his shirt, arms and legs. He had a cinnamon sugar goatee, melted chocolate under his fingernails and a bellyfull of dough. I hope we'll see him again but I'm not holding my breath. And there's plenty of other kids around here to dirty up.


Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

Poor Carter. He was such a good boy.

Lauren said...

Well, we came home and had a talk about how 'those' people let you dance with your pastries...but that's absolutely not allowed at our house.