Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today Lloyd did the 'Osan Do the Du' Sprint Duathalon. It's a 3k run, followed by a 20k bike ride, and it finishes with a 5k run. There were 46 participants. Some of them were obviously hardcore athletes, but a lot of them were the regular Joe/Joelle type, and a couple of them looked downright pudgy. I mean really, look at that one with the orange stroller! She looks like she should be stuffing her face at the BX instead of at a .... Oh, hey, wait a minute! Ummmm, yeah.... never mind.

As I was saying, Lloyd finished in 1:28:58, about in the middle of the group. This photo shows him as he approaches the finish line. The ambulance in the other photo came and went as we were waiting for Lloyd to finish, and I also saw a couple of taxis. I'm pretty sure not everyone arrived back at the finish line under their own locomotion, but I was at the BX eating pizza and drinking hot chocolate in between the start and the finish, so there will be no critical comments from me. Let me just say one thing though: floral bike shorts and a matching navel-baring top are a DON'T, especially if you are a man.

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