Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My sincerest, most hearftelt apologies

I fear I have been depriving you of tales from the thrift store lately. In an attempt to make amends, here are some pictures of my latest finds. The purse is an authentic fake Coach, in excellent condition. I am especially excited about the black and burgundy jacket, and I found a j jill knit skirt that matches it nicely. My friend Jennifer says it looks like a cow who wandered into the Kool-Aid factory, but I'm pretty sure she is just jealous. And, the last picture is of some winter things I have found for the boys.

We get some really great things at the thrift store, and some things that are just really weird. Lately I have seen a remote control tarantula, a bag full of ketchup and soy sauce packets, and a whole bag full of mismatched socks.


ann daggett said...

no offense but i have to agree with your friend on the kool-aid jacket

Lisajoy said...

The outfit appears to be very matronly to me. Quite a departure from jeans and biker boots!