Sunday, July 27, 2008

Batman rules

This afternoon Lloyd and I went to 'Dark Knight' and it was the very first movie I have ever seen in a military theater. The building was a weird mix of movie theater and military facility. It has really great rocking purple seats with cupholders but they're all jammed really close together. The building seats 871 people but the ladies room has two stalls. It is used not only for movies, but for town hall meetings and various briefings and ceremonies.

There was a big long line and the theater was filled. When the lights went dark, everyone stood up for the Korean National Anthem video (full of Korean people working in fields, performing athletic events and dancing), and then the 'Star Spangled Banner' played while they showed planes flying at all the Pacific Air Forces bases. Then a short preview, no 'please turn off your cell phones' or dancing popcorn commercials, and the movie played.

The movie was really good, but full of non-gory violence. Right around us there were four small children, one as young as four or five. I expected at least one of them to start screaming but none of them did. I'm pretty sure they will all have nightmares tonight, though. Who would take a little kid to see this? Heath Ledger is really great as the joker and was definitely a crowd favorite. They cheered when he kills his first victim in a gruesome pencil impalement; I'm really not sure why. The movie is not only good entertainment, but it makes some interesting points.

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