Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad Mommy pants

Don't these totally look like Children's Department of Corrections pants, with the big 'CDC' stamped across the butt? CDC actually stands for Child Development Center, which is a very fancy name for daycare or what we call "school" at our house. These are the pants that Shane wore home yesterday. What I am trying to figure out is why it is necessary to write 'CDC' in permanent marker on the butt. Do these look like pants I would steal? Maybe, at one time, when the CDC got them, they were super cute pink sweatpants and they thought they might be just a little too tempting for some fashion conscious mom. But I think this is the CDC's version of the scarlett letter: Bad Mommy! No bring extra pants! Everybody see! They probably think they are being subtle by not actually writing BAD MOMMY on there, but I'm on to them.

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Robert, Helen, Jack, and Emma said...

Thanks just plain old disgusting. I'm just trying to figure out is if I'd rather my kids come home naked or in those. --Helen