Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Laundry ball versus Lactating Pig

Oink, oink! I know I threw you off with the title, but I'm not talking about myself. Really. You may recall that I was suspicious that the cleaning effects of the laundry ball were a result of the mechanical bashing as the washer agitated, and if so, any hard object placed in the washer should have the same results. Enter the lactating pig. The piglets are absent, whether at truffle sniffing school or the bacon factory, she's not saying, and since she's shoat-free I figured she had plenty of time in between her pedicures and bonbon binges to help out in the laundry room. So I tossed her into the washer, and the results are in: Pig out, laundry ball in. I just couldn't stand all the noise in the washer. That, and I already have enough lactating pig milk on my clothes.

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