Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random events

My USB cable has been miraculously rehabilitated. I guess. Anyway, it works today. But somehow, it has been set to take low quality photos, so now I will have to either remember how to change the setting (very taxing), or find the book (virtually impossible) or take crappy pictures until the camera dies (most likely). For proof, here is a photo of the vacuum cleaner trials.

In other news, part of the ceiling in the hallway outside our door has fallen down. It has been getting more and more waterlogged, greeny-gray and gravid over the last week or so, and now it's laying in clumpy chunks on the ground.

Weston is sick; he has a fever and is sleeping on the couch. Shane feels great so he went to school with Lloyd. As they were leaving, I was thinking that was the first time Shane and Lloyd have gone anywhere by themselves. I said, "Bye, bye Shane, have fun at school!" and he didn't even turn around.

And, finally, I recently discovered and am reading a story about Chandra Levy this morning. I am really out of the loop here; I never watch the news (Lloyd was shocked, simply shocked that I didn't recognize pictures of Tony Snow), but apparently Gary Condit has just lost a lawsuit related to the case, causing some renewed interest. You would think he would have enough sense to just shut up and realize he caused all of his own 'misfortune' with his bad behavior, lying, and obstruction of justice. But I guess he is not quite as smart as me, even though the bar is low.

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Carol said...

Dad, not Carol, sez: Hmmmm... Condit can't successfully manage two Baskin Robbins in the desert. One wonders about Congress.