Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

I am loving this video thing! And it is so easy- I just take the video with my digital camera and download it exactly the same way I do still photos. I didn't even have to try to find the book; it worked perfectly the first time. This one is of the boys playing on the deck in the rain, and then a circuit around the living room. We have a tropical storm coming and are supposed to have heavy winds and rain later in the weekend. Weston cracked me up when I suggested we go out and blow bubbles. We got a big bag of videos from one of Lloyd's friends the other day and Weston had been watching them for quite a while, so I got out the bubbles and told him we were going outside to play. We went to the door, and he looked out and said in disbelief, "It's CRAZY to go out on a day like this!"

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