Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good times

This is a photo of the back of our playgroup building on a beautiful sunny day a few months ago. Today, my friend Sara and I met with our kids to clean it up so we can put some planters and some outdoor toys out there. Sara has four kids, and the youngest one is just one day older than Shane.

Today was not a beautiful sunny day. Today, we got several inches of rain, and the whole scene was flooded with approximately 8 inches of water. In pouring down rain, we hauled out two filthy, heavy tarps and filled a dumpster with rotten straw. With our hands and an alarming pointy stick we found in the storage room, and with our babies strapped to our backs. A few words about the straw: in the photo, it looks like nice, fresh, golden sheaves, devoid of any animal life. In reality, it was home to teeming hordes of enormous worms. Like in Tremors. Fortunately, the water was high enough so that the rats had already deserted for a drier, more pleasant location, like Atlantis.

That's all for now, I have to go boil my hands in lysol.

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