Sunday, July 27, 2008

The laundry ball is vindicated

The most recent laundry trials have established that clothes washed with the laundry ball are, in fact, cleaner than those washed in just water. But I have to say, I would be satisfied with the water cleaned clothes. I was really surprised; I thought the clothes washed in just water would be really disgusting. To think, all this time I could have been skipping the detergent and just using stain remover as needed. And, now I'm wondering if I need soap at all. I have read about people who don't use soap or shampoo and I always thought they were a little too crunchy for me but maybe they're onto something. If just water works on clothes, why not on skin and hair?

And another thing: perhaps the laundry ball effect is merely a result of the ball being bashed around in there, beating on the clothes, much like our ancestors beat their animal pelt overalls on rocks in the river. Maybe I should try washing some loads with rocks, or dishes, or plastic toys to see if they can match the performance of the laundry ball.

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Robert, Helen, Jack, and Emma said...

Could you please send or post a link to a bloody laundry ball? I've looked it up, but I can't tell what the heck I'm looking for...Helen