Friday, May 1, 2009

Guest Post Entry 8

This is the last entry. I'll put up a poll tomorrow, so start thinking about your favorite!

From Tori:

Mind Your Own Beeswax, Please

I have learned in my one and a half years of parenting, that everyone parents differently. Everyone has their own individual values. Some people may have similar parenting techniques, but I've never met two people that have the exact same parenting styles. To me, that is great. Everyone should be able to raise their children how they please (as long as they are being fed, clothed, washed, etc.). For example, some parents choose to keep a family bed until the child decides to go to their own bed. Some parents want the baby in their own crib from day one. Others, choose to have the baby in the parent's bed for a period of time, then transfer them to their crib. These differences can range from what to feed the child, how long (if ever) to use a pacifier, discipline, attention, and the list goes on.
I have discovered in the last two days, that there are some people out there that are extremely pushy about what they think is the "right" way to parent. In the last two days, I have had two discussions where I felt like I was being judged and pressured into taking the pacifier away from my son. Both, mind you, were from other parents of toddlers, not even my parents or in-laws. It isn't like my son is five or something, he is 15-months!
I think I need to branch out and try to find more accepting friends that understand that even though you may have different methods of parenting, you can still be friends, and don't have to agree on everything.

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