Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Irreconcilable Differences

For a while now, the two halves of Stories From Korea have been growing apart. I started writing it to keep my family and friends up on what is going on with us here in Korea, but I quickly found it was more satisfying as a medium to shoot my mouth off about whatever foolishness I happened to be thinking of. Sadly, the posts with video and pictures of the boys and the general family updates don't really get along with the entries about rabid badgers, psychotic chickens or boogers anymore. They've been trying to work it out but unfortunately there's no local English speaking blog therapists experienced in this kind of tricky situation.

So, enough is enough. The family update posts have moved out. Their new address is Chaos Family Rules. You can follow the link, or keep up with CFR from the SFK sidebar. The first post, 'Orange you glad I wear pants?' is up now. This is probably a surprise to most, but I know some of you have seen this coming. My mother, in particular, thinks SFK is a real loudmouth and I'm pretty sure she'll be relieved to not have to look at it any more.

Don't worry about the children; CFR and SFK will share custody. CFR gets the cute pictures, updates and the funny conversations, while SFK gets all the hard work, vexations and agony. Cross-posting may occur as we all adjust to our new situation. I know it all sounds tragic, but really, it's all for the best.


The Martin Family said...

So, will this make it easier, or more complicated?

Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

Yikes! I'm feeling a little conflicted about this departure from my expectations. I don't like change. I'll just have to find a happy place under my kitchen table. On the other hand, it is twice the work for you, but twice the entertainment for me.