Sunday, May 3, 2009

Osan Improvement Plan

Sisters of Osan, take up your arms! Or cross your legs, or whatever. I think I know a way to recalibrate the ops tempo around here more to our liking, and resolve some other issues while we're at it.

Maybe you recall a Greek play called 'Lysistrata', written by Aristophanes. If not, you can click on the link, or I can refresh your memory: Lysistrata, sick of the Peloponnesian war, rallies the wives of the soldiers and convinces them to withhold their, shall we say, favors, until the war is ended. It works perfectly and everyone lives happily ever after.

So I say, if it worked for them, it can work for us! First we have to decide what we want. Here's my list:

40 hour work weeks. I'm flexible on which 40 hours, but I prefer the daylight ones;

Stroller ramps on ALL the crosswalks;

Commissary operations 7 days a week;

CDC spots for everyone; and

A Target. I know space is tight on base but there is plenty of room on the golf course.

That's reasonable, don't you think? Let's start right away! Who's with me, ladies?? We'll know we're getting somewhere when we start seeing scowling, grumpy faces everywhere we go. More than the usual, I mean. And on the men this time!

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Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

I'd just settle for an assignment at this point.