Sunday, June 29, 2008

On reading

Weston has been frustrated lately that he can't read by himself. When I can't read to him and tell him he can look at the book himself he howls, "But I can't read it myseeeeeelllllllfffffff!" Yesterday we were looking at the new thrift store cards with animals on them. One of the cards has pictures of look-alike animals (deer and antelope; hippo and rhino; etc.) and some of them have the names reversed and you're supposed to tell which ones have the names properly attached and which ones don't. We were looking at the zebra and okapi, and Weston knew instantly that the names were wrong, because he knows zebra starts with Z. Then he started sounding out the words 'deer' and 'hippopotamus' without being prompted, and then he read the word 'no' in another book.

And, Shane has added 'bye-bye' to his repertoire in the last few days.

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