Sunday, June 22, 2008

Living in the White House

Weston is very interested in seeds and pinecones, among other things. He has a book from Grandma about flowers and trees and we were looking at it tonight. It had a page with acorns on it, and he started talking about the time that acorns were falling from the trees when we lived in the white house and he looked up but couldn't figure out what was making them fall. Maybe it was a sneaky squirrel, or the wind, he said. Well, fine, but what I couldn't figure out was what the hell he was talking about. We have never lived in a white house. But then I realized he was talking about our trip to Scott AFB last September. We were there for two weeks while Lloyd did some training, and we stayed in the TLF (temporary lodging facility) that was, indeed, white. And, I recalled the acorn incident. When we figured out that was what he was talking about, we started quizzing him about some other things we did there, and he clearly remembered, which amazed me. Including trying to climb the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, which is, believe it or not, too slippery to climb. We were there for such a short time almost a year ago! And tonight he also brought up something we just mentioned in passing over a week ago. I guess it's time for us to watch what we say. And by 'we' I mean Lloyd.

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