Monday, June 23, 2008

The motivation seems to be the key

Today was the big day; my first day volunteering at the thrift store. I had the kids dressed and ready to go to 'school' at least an hour early. Huh, you'd think I could manage to do a little better on a regular, non-thrift store day. It's all about the motivation, isn't that just the way....

I took some pictures to post but they didn't come out. I dunno, maybe the stars in my eyes made it too bright in there.

Anyway, it was so much fun! I hauled in the donations from the box outside and then started sorting. I found some fabulous things for us: a waffle iron, books, potholders and some little toys and a hat for Shane. The toy pile was driving me crazy so I hauled a bunch of bags home and Weston and I sorted them. There is still a van load of unsorted ones so I'll probably have to go get them tomorrow. I just can't stand leaving it undone. There's plenty of things undone here at home: unsorted laundry, incomplete dishes, unmopped floors (okay, fine: they're not swept, either. Whatever.) But there's no mystery! And like my good friend Charlie, I am a fan of mystery..... So, thumbs up to enchanting bags of toys, and buh-bye boring predictable chores!

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Carol said...

Have NO idea how you came to that attitude.