Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buraksan Park

We went hiking to Buraksan Park this morning. Lloyd found it yesterday when he went on a mountain biking trip with some friends. It's a really neat park with some nice wide paved trails and some goat trails. We took the stroller and stuck to the paved areas, but it was pretty steep in places and it was a good workout, especially with 40 extra pounds strapped on the back. The trails wind around gardens, outdoor sculpture and a cemetery. There are benches along the way to rest, and a 'service area' where you can buy lemonade and ice cream from a cart. The most interesting thing to me was how similar the vegetation and animals are to the ones at home. We saw wild strawberries, clover, pine trees, poplar trees, honeysuckle, chipmunks, magpies, ducks, egrets, ibis, great blue heron, pheasant, chickadees, and multiple other familiar things I don't know the names of. The smell is the same, too: stale cheerios soaked with pee. Come to think of it, that's how it smells everywhere we go. Yes, I am joking. We have been making our best effort but haven't yet managed to stink up the great outdoors of an entire Asian country. It smells like pine in the sunshine and honeysuckle.

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