Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Night

Saturday night is not all right, all right, all right. Here it is, Saturday night in the booming metropolis of Osan and this is what I've done (not necessarily in order):

-maneuvered a small piece of fish-shaped wood out from behind the dryer with Weston's grabbing tool Shane-smacker because I thought it was an actual fish that disappeared from our tank in October. Regrettably, the mystery of the missing fish remains unsolved.

-commented on my friend Lauren's blog after she mocked my parenting practices. And not for the first time, I might add. Now I'm thinking I should write another one and be way meaner. Maybe even bring up the whole dog-tail incident.

-painstakingly mended a hole in the foot of Weston's favorite space sleeper, only to be told at bedtime that the insect pajamas he'd been wearing for two days were 'way cuter' and he needed to keep wearing them.

-read several chapters of 'French Women Don't Get Fat'. Geez, what an annoying book. Now I'm looking for one called 'American Women Don't Get Snotty and Pretentious'.

-clipped 36 little boy toenails and fingernails.

Whew, all that excitement has really done me in. I better hit the sack, because guess what! Tomorrow is SUNDAY and the pleasures that await me are sure to be indescribable. If you're lucky, anyway.


The Martin Family said...

So.... are your boys missing some fingers and toes, or did you just give up on the squirmy battle of trying to clip nails without blood?

Lauren said...

oh, c'mon! That wasn't scrutiny of parenting, it was "celebration" of raising boys. (And also the 3 of our children making that poor girl wonder why we're allowed to even keep them!)
And you just try bringing up the tail incident. I will be dropping her off at your house so fast you wont know the slobber hit you.
But...she would definitely love some kitty snacks.

Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

We actually had a date night last night and couldn't think of a damn thing to do other than dinner. How sad. I'm so bored!!!!

Greg and Shara said...

Only 36 toenails and fingernails...what happened to the others? Just not too long enough to worry about?? I really procrastinate cutting nails...don't know why!