Monday, March 9, 2009

Is it weird that I'm so excited about compost?

Yes, but in a good way, right? These are pictures taken at our newly constructed kids community garden. I dumped the inaugural eggshells, carrot peelings and coffee grounds yesterday and was ridiculously thrilled.

The garden was funded by the 2008 Newman's Own Award that we won last fall. We received $5,000 for the garden, some playgroup improvements and a parenting library. The garden is HUGE, and will have veggies, herbs, a butterfly garden, a rain water collection system, and some outdoor toys. There will be tons of nature projects for the kids, and a place to just dig in the dirt for buried treasure.

Now, people: if this doesn't convince you to come to Korea for a lengthy visit, you are a cold-hearted garden-hating wretch. Come on, I promise I won't post any embarrassing stories about you!


Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

Yes, on one hand, it is very weird; on the other hand, I expect no less.

The Martin Family said...

I do actually wish we were there to be apart of the garden project. On the otherhand, even though I can't garden, I'm happy where I am.