Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conversations with Weston: I didn't think you'd find out!

This afternoon, Weston had a friend over. Yes, the infamous Jack again. When Jack comes over the boys love to play in the hallway. This works out nicely since we are never leaving home again after yesterday's foray to the BX. Jack is older than Weston and is allowed to go in the elevator by himself. Jack had dropped a toy on the way to our house, and wanted to go look for it.

Conversation not heard by me:

Jack: I have to find my toy!
Jack's mom: Okay, but Weston can't go in the elevator.
Weston: I can go!

Jack's mom was then distracted by some other brewing disaster and I was none the wiser until I heard the door slam and then:

Weston: We went on ALL the floors!
Me: You went on the elevator?
Weston (giggling with excitement): Yes! On all the floors!
Me: You know you're not old enough to go on the elevator with Jack, right?
Weston: Yes.
Me: Then why did you go?
Weston: I didn't think you'd find out!
Me: We'll talk about this later.

And, here's one more. I was just finishing this while Weston watches Land Before Time #458734, and he had to go to the bathroom.

Weston: Sometime, can we get a television in the bathroom?


The Martin Family said...

At least he was honest right!

C Mike said...

Hmmmm...what's this Jack guy's last name?

C Mike said...
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C Mike said...
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Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

Did you talk to him later? Again, I'm so sorry!

Carol said...

Don't tell Weston, but his cousin Paloma here in Seattle did admit that she SOMETIMES does things her mother tells her not to!! Really?