Thursday, March 12, 2009

Odds and Ends

Ins and outs, bits and pieces, this and that. Sometimes you get the flowers, sometimes you're in the.... potty. Behold, 24 hours' worth of Stories from Korea:

1. I actually said this today: 'Sure, you can have a graham cracker. Did you finish your chocolate?'

2. Weston opened the front door for Shane this morning. By the time I heard the door slam and raced out there, he was scribbling on the elevator door with a blue crayon wearing nothing but his pj bottoms. Thankfully, there were no ajimas in sight.

3. We still have not left the house after the BX episode.

4. We've decided that we need to test Weston's navigation skills, just in case he 'forgets' the no elevator rule. Results of the time trials to follow.

5. I discovered a large volume of a mushy dark brown substance all over one of our 'Thomas' books. Mercifully, it turned out to be banana.

6. I just spent the better part of twenty minutes trying to explain mitosis to Weston after he asked if germs have babies. I do not recommend this.

7. I accidentally sent a payment to the wrong credit card a few weeks ago. Before it was even 30 days past due and before I even discovered my mistake, the neglected company sent me a nasty-gram threatening to cut off the card unless they received their lousy $63.27. Boo hoo, I say, but I remember the good old days, not so very long ago, when you could rack up thousands and not hear a thing about it for at least 90 days. Or so I have heard from folks who are not quite so fiscally responsible as moi. I guess it's true what they say: Things are tough all over.

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