Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Artistic talent runs in my family

Seriously, it's true. If you have ever seen me try to draw or craft anything, you can be forgiven for thinking that perhaps I come from a family of egg-headed left-brained engineers. Except that they would probably be much more tidy and organized than I am. Also, that is very insulting to engineers, and believe it or not, I am actually very fond of many some two engineers. And, oh yeah, I am not nearly smart enough to make someone think I might be related to any eggheads. So, hmmm, that is just a bad analogy. Help me think of a better one. Let's see, who is notoriously uncreative, not too bright, and also messy and disorganized? Oh, I've got it now: chickens!

But the truth is, everyone in my family is very clever that way, except for me. You might almost think I was switched at birth and somewhere, a family of chickens with a gorgeously decorated coop is desperately looking for me. Hey, wait a minute! But, no, that is probably not the case. It's much more likely that I am just the black sheep color blind chicken in a family of crafty cows.

For proof that I am the family mutant, I offer the latest Jennifer Art. Jennifer is my sister, and she has several very cool new things out. Jen11 is eleven artists named Jennifer talking about their Jeneration. And, she is on the cover of Exhale this month. Praise Jennifer and pass the mash!