Sunday, October 12, 2008

Words fail me

Perhaps 'I fail words' would be more accurate. I can't even decide. It vexes me when I can't think of a good post. Usually I can just go on and on and blah blah blah about anything or nothing, but I have felt very dull for the last few days. I keep thinking there is something somewhat clever hovering just beyond my grasp like a delicate butterfly, but then, poof! It's gone before I can bludgeon it to death with my keyboard. See? What kind of ridiculous metaphor is that? It doesn't even make any sense. Some topics I have considered and discarded:

Weston's explanation of the word 'dike' ('It's something that turns into something else. You might say a caterpillar is a dike because it turns into a butterfly'). I have no idea where this came from. It could be a Korean word, or a made-up word, or maybe it is even a real meaning of the word 'dike'. Not being so good with the words lately, I would have no idea. Please resist the temptation to make lesbian jokes in the comments. Thank you.

The airshow we had here over the weekend. I worked the lost child booth for several hours on Saturday, and it was an interesting experience. But no clever words! Bah.

A job description I'm working on. My friend Helen had a really great post about balance and talked about creating your ideal job description as a tool to help decide what's most important to you. I really liked the idea and have been working on it. I think it will end up being a very valuable exercise for me.

Our upcoming trip to Seattle. I suspect anticipation may be the cause of my blogging malaise.

Our new fish, Mars and Venus. They don't get along so well.

Turtle care. Not as easy as you might think and involving plaster of paris. Intriguing, I know, but again, I'm coming up dry.

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Lisajoy said...

make any pancakes at that airshow?