Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday photos

My new camera is awesome! I really like it. Pretty lucky, because the BX selection isn't that big, and I had both Weston and Shane with me, so my browsing time in the camera aisle was very limited. Also, it is an exercise in futility to ask any questions of the Korean employees. I might as well have just closed my eyes and pointed at one. So, hurray, lucky day for me! Weston and Shane are both wearing their breastfeeding symbol shirts today, but Weston did not care to have his picture taken. In the other picture, Shane is wearing his Oscar the Grouch fleece pullover I scored from the Thrift Store the other day. Happy Friday!

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Strommer Family said...

I was flabbergasted when I saw the first picture on your blog today, because that was Kyle's Oscar the Grouch pullover that he outgrew but I didn't know where I'd put it saving it for maybe the next baby if I ever had another one...but obviously it got in a TS bag!! Well I hope he gets some use out of it!! ;)