Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seattle Strange

Some things I am finding odd:

1. When I go to the store, there is no one I know there!

2. Starbucks is cheap! I got Weston a hot chocolate and a tea for myself yesterday, and it was $3.34.

3. Everyone stops for the stop signs and lights. ALL of them!

4. None of the cars have the steering wheel on the right.

5. No one is admiring my children.

6. The array of products to choose from is dizzying, so shopping takes a lot longer.

7. There is no odor of kimchi wafting about when I come home.


The Martin Family said...

Anna, something very strange must be happening there! You better get outta there fast!

Strommer Family said...

It is kinda sad when no one admires your kids, huh!! As annoying as we all think it is here, it's kinda endearing when you think about it!! ;)