Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Contest! With a real prize this time!

Okay, all you talented readers: Osan Parent Network is having a logo contest. OPN is primarily for families with kids younger than school age and our motto is Fun for Kids; Support for Parents. We provide playgroups, special activities, breastfeeding and parenting support groups, family advocacy and other services here at Osan Air Base. The logo will be used on our website, on stickers to identify OPN property, on correspondence, on flyers, and perhaps on t-shirts someday.

I got so many great entries for the breastfeeding logos, I'm sure someone has a real winner for OPN. The prize is a $20 AAFES gift certificate if you are at Osan (or another base). If you're not able or willing to shop at AAFES, you can choose an authentic gift from Korea or a gift card to a retailer of your choice, provided it can be purchased online. Or in Korea.

Check out our website and get those logos coming my way ( by Tuesday, October 14th, Osan Standard Time. This is roughly equivalent to Midnight, Monday the 13th Pacific Time. I know the deadline is tight, and I didn't make it up. Helen did, and she is a real taskmaster. But, if you have a great idea but just can't make the cutoff, let me know. I'll talk to Helen and maybe she'll cut you some slack.

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