Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hey, I'm going to Nordstrom's- can I pick up a virus for you?

Hand, Foot and Mouth strikes again! Enjoy this guest post from my Friend Brandy:

Monday 7/28: 12:30PM Jackson, Hudson and Ryder meet up at Southcenter mall to check out the new H&M store. Relegated to strollers or mommy's arms while experiencing the much anticipated and overly crowded Swedish store Ryder and Jackson (not sure about Hudson) enjoy some hanger chewing when possible.

1:45PM Next stop, Forever XXI. Music playing at decibels so high that the mommies can no longer hear one another talk without screaming. Skirts are picked up to be tried on but alas, long lines and impending migraines force the mommies to put the skirts back on the rack. However, the blaring 80's tunes drown out the tiny cries of "I need to go to sleep now" fussies and like dominoes, Jackson then Ryder and then Hudson fall into afternoon naptime slumber.

2:15PM Mommies, desperate for a drink and some sustenance, finally find their way in the new maze that is now the largest mall in the PNW to the unfortunately named restaurant, BJ's (Why would you name a restaurant this? As far as I know, there were no hot dogs on the menu – THANK GOD. Ah…got ya to come right down into the gutter with me, didn't I?). Just as quickly as the dominoes fell, the bambinos awake, each opening their eyes in opposite succession as they went down; Hudson, Ryder and then Jackson. Happy to be back in mommy's arms but not so happy to be at BJ's with the creepy waitress that wants to steal them or at least touch their heads (another story and no, we didn't allow her to touch them).

3:30PM The mommies decide to check out the Nordstrom sale before departing the lovely city of Tukwila. Some of the lucky boys get some new shoes while others just get their feet measured to be told that they are a size 4.5 even though the shoes that they are currently wearing are a size 4 (sorry, Ry). Once they were let out of their strollers it was as if the mommies had set caged animals free and there was no getting them back in. Hudson and Ryder shared a moment of Solid Gold worthy booty shaking under a clothing rack in the kids section before moving over to the (not age appropriate for the beautiful and hip, but in their 30's, mommies) Brass Plum. THIS, this is where IT happened. Unaware, the mommies set their precious, dear little sweet boys on the (now we know, or assume) feces laden puce shag rug. Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease or HFMD. That is what happened on this rug (as evidenced below). Those mannequins, with their icy glare and pursed lipped grins…they knew, oh yes…they knew what was happening and didn't utter a word to the unsuspecting mommies. Damn them!

Tuesday 7/29: Crapola summer continues and Jackson and Hudson decide to meet up with Will instead of risking pneumonia by going swimming at Coleman Pool. Play. Share toys. Share saliva on said toys. HFMD lives on!!

Wednesday 7/30: Ryder wakes numerous times…bad night. Mommy and daddy are very irritated.

Thursday 7/31: 7:00AM Mommy and daddy feeling extreme guilt over said irritation and possible profane grievances uttered during sleep deprived moments from the previous night as they discover that Ryder has a fever.

Friday 8/1: CRYING. CLINGING. Did I mention CRYING? Oh yeah, guess other stuff went on but Ryder's day was dominated by the crying, clinging, and the obvious pain tormenting his defenseless body. Lots of tears shed by both mommy and Ryder. Bad day followed by WORST NIGHT EVER. No sleeping. No eating. No NURSING!? Now mommy is very concerned.

Saturday 8/2: 5:00AM and mommy and Ryder are awake (did they sleep at all?) and mommy decides to consult with Dr. Google about Ryder's symptoms.

Fever? Check

Fussy? Check

Tired? Check (wait…mommy or the baby? We'll say: Check Check)

Malaise? Check

Sore Throat? Check! (now we're getting somewhere!)

Painful oral lesions? Yuk…what?! Oh no…Check.

Mommy waits until 8:00AM and calls the doctor and Ryder gets an appointment at 10:10. Dr. Google was right – Hand, foot and mouth disease (confirmed by a real doctor, Dr. Kumasaka). Ryder recognizes Hudson's car parked outside the doctor's office and later the mommies confirm that they were indeed at the same place at the same time (Hudson actually heard Ryder…recognizing his "Let's get ready to R U M B L E" voice from down the hall).

9:15PM Lots of Motrin and one strawberry milkshake later, Ryder's mood is pretty good and he ends up having an OK day. Mommy is feeling much better also, especially after the 2 ½ nap that she got to take with him. Ryder is sleeping now and has only woken up once since 8:00PM…oh wait, that's once an hour – not the best sign for things to come...but mommy is hopeful for a better night and a speedy recovery!

Moral of the story: Never ever let your baby play on any puce colored shag rug at the Brass Plum in Nordstrom at Southcenter Mall. Duh.

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