Monday, August 25, 2008

Win a prize from Stories From Korea!

My sister, a very fancy artist who got every single bit of artistic talent in our family, while I got SQUAT, very tactfully suggested that perhaps, just perhaps, my yellow and black construction paper boob-signal could be improved a teeny tiny bit. Well, that's a lie: what she actually said was that I should have a contest and invite people to design a new one because mine was really not very good. Only she said it in a nice way, and I love her idea. Here is the contest:

Send your submission to by Midnight on Sunday, August 31st Pacific Daylight Time (equivalent to 4 p.m. on Monday, September 1st Osan StandardTime). The only requirement is that it be suitable for use on a t-shirt, and for beaming into the night sky, so it should be fairly simple. I like the black and yellow Batman-like motif, but I'm open to anything else. The winner will receive their choice of a t-shirt with the new design on it, a Stories From Korea t-shirt, or my choice of a Korean t-shirt off the economy. E-Lacta girl, Colostra and the others anxiously await your entries.

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