Saturday, August 16, 2008

They don't ration the wine

Thank God, they don't ration the wine. Here in Korea, or 'on the peninsula', the military has a ration control system in place. You can read about it here. If you are an authorized shopper, you get a ration card, which looks like a credit card. They scan it when you shop for groceries, or if you buy beer and liquor. The purpose is to deter military and family members from buying items in bulk and selling them on the black market. It seems to me that there is an ample supply of junk food, alcohol, counterfeit purses and other crap available off base, without any need for a black market, but I could possibly be mistaken, as hard as that is to imagine. Anyway, I am much more interested in any potential angst or inconvenience to ME. So far, I have not encountered any issues associated with ration control, although I am guessing we are close to the grocery limit every month. This will change quickly, though, if they start rationing wine. I was talking with some of my friends, who will remain nameless to disguise their lush-like tendencies (you know who you are, ladies!), and found that to stay under the beer ration limit you can have two (2) beers per day. Now, that is plenty for some days, but not nearly enough for others. Why take the risk when there is apparently no black market demand for mid-priced California reds?

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