Friday, August 15, 2008

My Dad is full of good ideas! And, he likes our blogs!

I got this email (below, in italics) from my dad this morning. He thinks we should write a book! What do you all think? Anyone interested in participating? I think he is brilliant, except for the Julia Roberts part. She is about the right age, I think, but not nearly haggard enough. Who should play you? Let me know!

Hi - I've been looking at your pals blogs along with yours. Looks like a lot of good stuff for articles and/or book - what ever angle(s) you want to take - foreign posting; child rearing/frustration; military marital angst; or all of the above and more. Not sure how you get permissions to use. Maybe a collaboration with a couple of them. But I definitely see an Erma Bombeck or Betty MacDonald type blockbuster. Who will play you in the movie? Is Julia Roberts old enough or too old? Hey! Can you act?

Love. Dad


The Martin Family said...

I call dibs on Claire Danes!!

Robert, Helen, Jack, and Emma said...

I'm in...even though I don't have a blog on your site. (I'm deeply hurt by that, BTW.) I do have some skills. :0) Just don't ask what they are...

sara said...

Oh oh oooohhh! Can I join in? I have nothing substantive to add, but no plot is complete without a vixenish alter-ego; I'm the "this is your life....had you not fallen victim to domesticity."
And besides, there's a whole plethora of blonde celebrity trainwrecks that could really play me quite well.