Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stories from Saturday

The swap party this afternoon was a big success; tons of great stuff and a good turnout. I wish I had taken the camera; clothes and cookies were flying everywhere. The leftovers went to a group that sends them to an orphanage in Nigeria after we picked out a bag to give to the CDC to supplement their meager collection of extremely ratty clothes. We have had the crud here and I still didn't feel right, so I didn't do to much digging, but I did come home with an inflatable earth ball for Weston, a swim toy for Shane, and a small bag of clothes. Weston loves the globe. He has been playing planets and space games lately. He spreads out a blanket, which is his space lab, and lines up balls for all the planets. Then he invites people over to 'space' to have special space food and drinks, play with special space toys and look at his planets he's discovered. He's an impeccable spacehost, really. When I enter, he says, "Please come in. My name is Weston. What's your baby's name?" When I leave, he says, "Please come again soon". I have been thinking of getting him this.

After the party, Shane and I went to the store to get some popsicles and chicken soup for Lloyd. The first pomegranates of the year were in. It seems pretty early, but I bought one. It is the size of my fist and cost about $4. I hope it's good, but if not, it would make a pretty good Mars.

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ann daggett said...

i think you should get that for weston, he will freak.... and it really isnt all that much, plus he can still use it as he gets older.....