Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday updates

Ever since I used the word 'whom' in my last post, I have been obsessively worrying about whether I used it correctly. I know the rule, I applied the rule, then I spent a not-insignificant amount of time revising the sentence to avoid using either 'who' or 'whom'. If you are looking for perfection, please click away, nothing to see here.

Speaking of clicking, we were driving through town the other day and I saw an intriguing store. I said, 'I wonder what's in that junk store'. From the back seat, Weston said, 'Click on it and find out'. Think he's been on the computer too much? He has been learning about the planets, and we have been listening live to space online. At show and tell on Friday he took a space book we checked out from the library and told all the kids about the planets. He knows them all, in order, and knows different things about each one.

We went to Vacation Bible School today, then we went bowling. Weston had a good time, but it was torturous waiting for the balls he rolled to make their agonizingly slow way down the lane while trying to keep Shane from climbing the ball racks and running down the lanes. I tried using his 'leash' for the first time but it didn't work out so well. He detested it, and I felt like a cruel jailer.

My most beloved footwear ever, my black motorcycle boots, have been destroyed by mold. It must have happened very quickly because they were in the bedroom closet, and I get shoes out of there all the time. Several other things are moldy, but salvageable. We looked around the rest of the house and some suitcases and other things we have stored in the laundry room/storage area are moldy too. I can live without the suitcases and other junk, but I am pretty broken up about the boots. We have had a long, happy relationship and my new motorcycle bootless reality has not quite sunk in yet.

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ann daggett said...

how are things getting so moldy? you can be very sick from that as you probably all ready know. is it damp there a lot? thats not just a little mold..... sorry about the boots... you biker babe!