Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long live communism, or whatever you want to call it

There's an interesting post over at C Mike Dish today about Joe Robel, a famous communist that lived in his neighborhood when he was a kid. A real, live, self-professed dirty rotten commie that took on the Supreme Court and won. C Mike, of course, is my father. Or so he claims. Anyway, it's interesting to me because I'm actually kind of a fan of communism. Not of the evil despot, ugly clothes, starving masses, threatening brand of communism, but of its more pure roots.

Of course, communism was doomed to fail for the same reason democracy will meet its end: because people are inherently selfish, greedy hoarders. It's definitely time for a new approach that I call cooperativism. I thought I had made the word up, but sadly not. Googling it yields references to efforts in cooperative living in cutting-edge communities in the Phillipines, Puerto Rico and the Mormon Church.

I'm just a stupid geologist, not a brilliant social scientist, but even I can see that it doesn't do any good to have a giant house and an eleven-foot wide plasma television if you can't drink the water out of the tap because the plasma tv factory up the river is spewing all kinds of crap into the water supply. And that someone else doesn't have to lose for me to win.

Disclaimer for any outraged Air Force officials or DoD Special Agents who may or may not be investigating security clearances: Lloyd is not now, nor has he ever been any sort of unsavory '-ist'. He rarely agrees with me about anything, and will loathe this entire post. No capitalists were harmed in the making of this blog.


Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

I want to comment on this, but I'm just not sure how. There's so much to say, but I don't think I want to associate with you any more. (I'll call ya later.)

The Martin Family said...

I like the disclosure.

Anonymous said...

why would this be shocking?? I know it will be... but not NEARLY as shocking as the BOOGER BLOG

jennifermc said...

i agree with anon
but then, i WOULD