Saturday, February 28, 2009

The First

WARNING: The links in this post contain nasty things no one should ever say explicit language.

A long, long time ago, when Weston was a fetus, and I had an actual job where I got paid and everything, I used to occasionally sit in my Government-issued cube and peruse a now-defunct child-free rants page (link is to an archived sample of the rants that went up by the dozens every day). These charming folks are the ones who call parents 'breeders' and children all sorts of nasty names that would NEVER be repeated on Stories from Korea, not the regular nice child-free people, in case there is any confusion.

I'm not really sure why I read the page, or how I happened across it in the first place. The posters were bitter, angry people who could take a legitimate point and twist it beyond all recognition, alternately blaming babies, parents, pregnant people, infertility treatments, neonatal care and family-friendly policies for their poor financial situations, lousy parking spots and crappy jobs. Their demented ravings kept me coming back, though- I just couldn't wait to see what those zany wackaloons would come up with next. Often, one of them would post a link to something, and then all the rest of them would go check it out and gang up. Then they'd move on to something else like a pack of snarling hyenas.

One day, they were ranting about Julie at A Little Pregnant. She had the absolute gall to both require IVF to conceive, and to have the financial resources to fund it. Clearly, the hyenas thought, she was irredeemably selfish and it was typically unfair of the universe to waste money on her that they so richly deserved. I clicked over there, too, and read this post; the first one ever and the genesis of my current raging case of blogaholism.

What was your first?

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