Sunday, January 4, 2009

The mama is kind of crummy

Weston has been really interested in families lately. He plays mama and takes care of his baby, he pretends to be the baby and makes Shane be the big brother, he plays mama and daddy with the neighbor girl. The game where Shane is the big brother is the funniest, because the 'baby' spends all his time ratting out the 'big brother': 'The big brother let the baby play with something sharp! The big brother kicked the baby and he doesn't even feel bad inside!' The game with the neighbor girl is entertaining to watch, too- last time, they were going to have a baby, and it was going to be a girl they would name 'Llama'.

He also makes families out of toys and found objects. There is always a mama, a daddy, a big brother and a baby. Each family member is of the appropriate size: the daddy is the biggest, the mama is medium-sized, the big brother is a little smaller, and the baby is the littlest.

This morning we were walking back from church together and he wanted to collect pine cones in the grass out in front of the Turumi Lodge. I was enjoying my coffee while he bustled around, until I heard, 'Hey! The mama is kind of crummy!' CRUMMY?!?! Why, you ungrateful little....

Bristled up, I said, 'What do you mean, mama is crummy?!?!?! You'd be crummy, too, if you were up half the night and a baby was sucking the life out of you one drop at a time, and...' Then, I looked down. In his hands was a bent-up, medium-sized pinecone, and he said, 'The mama's crummy. Look, she's all mashed!'

All I can say is: I hear you, pinecone sister; it's tough to be a mama!


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razorassdragnet said...

Hey Anna,
I, too, can relate to the crummy-mommy (might soon enough become a bonafide syndrome someday, who knows?) situation. Most days I feel like a mashed-up medium-sized pinecone if you MUST know.
But, at least we got a pinecone FAMILY to lean on! (Ellen)