Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fort Neptune

Yesterday, Weston and I started construction on a fort on our deck. It's not just any fort, mind you. It's a fort on Neptune. I first proposed Charon or Pluto, but Weston informed me that they are not really planets, and so it would be foolish to build a fort there. He decided Neptune would be a much better place. Better resale value, perhaps. So far, materials used include seven trash bags full of snow, three gallons of warm water and 23 ml of food dye in yellow, purple and blue.

Fort Neptune will be staffed by armed snowpeople of various hues. The 116th Neptune Infantry Division will stand up this afternoon. If construction of a prison is required increased taxes in the amount of one ziploc full of snow may be assessed. The Fort Neptune prison facility is not an option for displaced prisoners from Gitmo.

1 comment:

Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

Oh, Neptune the PLANET! I thought you meant Neptune of the SEA! Ah...