Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Look at my fabulous new header!

Speaking of talent, look at my new header! Isn't it awesome? As much as I would like to claim art of any kind on my own personal list, I try not to tell any huge lies on Stories from Korea. The full credit belongs to my immensely talented brother-in-law, Stefan. He is VERY clever in multiple artistic arenas: graphic design, photography, furniture design, architectural details, metalwork, and woodwork. If there was a decathalon in the artistic Olympics, he would totally win. What? There's no artistic Olympics? What a ripoff! But it's a new day in America; I'll just add that to my list for when I'm Queen of the Universe. It should happen any day now; I'll keep you posted.

This is a recent picture of Theodore Bear at 6.5 months, proof of Jennifer's number 3 talent.

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The Martin Family said...

The header is great! I love it! That woman though, she looks familiar. I think I might know her from somewhere.