Thursday, January 15, 2009

Introducing C Mike Dish

C Mike is my dad, and C Mike Dish is his new blog. You can find it here, or on the sidebar right under the OPN community blog. For your reading pleasure, here is the introductory post:

It was always fun to "go down to Renton" on the weekends and pa was always generous in taking us along when he went. Downtown in those days was really where the action was. Three movie house on 3rd street (Roxy, Rainier and Renton); Hub City Drugs (lots of toy guns and caps); eating out at Longacres Cafe where my mother worked for awhile; just the general break in the rather rural routine at home. Trouble was, to GET to Renton and home again required two passbys of The Boulevard Tavern, aka "Frenchy's". This watering hole, just north of the south entrance to Gene Coulon Park, was a social gathering place for local folks and pa had trouble not stopping there to visit and drink with friends and neighbors. So we kids, either eager to get to the big city or tired and wanting to go home, sometimes both, would have to stay in the car in the parking lot for at least one beer. If his visit lasted awhile pa would come out to the car with treats, usually a nickel cellophane bag of Planters Peanuts. While we were happy to have the peanuts we also knew the "wait" was really on. This routine was actually one of the more harmless associations I have with Frenchy's - quite a few family and friend's tragedies were spawned there - but I hated it nevertheless and vowed I'd never do that to MY kids. And I never did. I just kept on driving.

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