Monday, December 29, 2008


Everland is a very popular amusement park about 20 miles from here. Weston has recently showed some interest in it, and we decided to check it out. It was a little chilly today, but not too windy, so we all bundled up and hit the Korean Highway.

The park was fun; we went sledding on the manufactured snow hill, went on some rides, and ate dinner at a place called, no lie, 'Oriental Restaurant'.

Weston had a really good time, and it was fun for Shane, too. He liked the little train ride the best. He would have stayed on there all day but we rapidly depleted our meager supply of 500 won coins. The little booger was a challenge, though. He didn't want to stay in the stroller, and he didn't want to get in and out to go on rides. He was only happy running around like a puffy little tasmanian devil, but we had to put a stop to it after he mowed over the first two Korean families. Some of my friends actually take their kids there during the week, BY THEMSELVES. ALONE, with NO husband. Crazy, they are. CRAZY!

Some items of interest (to me, at least!):

1. On the shoulder along the highway, we passed about fifty tow trucks with drivers in them. Some of them were backing up.

2. At the park, one of the workers, dressed in a big, fat, shiny, white snowsuit, was sweeping up garbage. On roller skates.

3. The park is built into the terrain, and is very hilly. My legs were BURNING while pushing the stroller up hills.

4. The rides and shows all have English titles, but all other information is in Korean only. I guess it doesn't matter; it just makes me wonder if the carnies that put the rides together were drunk on soju or Colt 45.

5. Lloyd TOTALLY looked like a lumberjack. He had some serious stubble going, and he was wearing one of those red and black plaid shirts. I just wish I had a picture to prove it.

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C Mike said...

So who dressed up the garbage to look like Santa?