Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stories from the Mall

Dear God. I have been to the mall. Can I just say, I heart H&M. They had the cutest little things for the boys, so adorable. Several hundred dollars later, I came home with tons of things we really don't need. But we will be the envy of Osan when we get back!

And the toys available here in the United States of America; I had no idea! I loaded up on goodies at Toys R Us. They are intended to be Christmas presents if I can resist forking them over for so long. Look at this cool car! I got one for each of the boys; they are made out of recycled plastic and wood. I also got an ample supply of (plastic, made in China, battery operated) Planet Hero toys for Weston, AND I didn't take my own bags, so I'll probably have to go to the penalty box. I just hope there is Starbucks there.

Then I tried to buy some bras and underwear. I regret to report that I came home empty-handed. There is probably a pretty good boob joke to be made there but I am exhausted and my head is still spinning. The selection at our BX is pretty lame, so I was really excited about more lingerie variety, but there were acres of underwear and miles of bras. Turquoise! Leopard prints! Polka dots! Ribbons! And More! More! More! My eyes were glazed over and maybe, just maybe, there was a teeny bit of drool dripping down my shirt. I might as well have had a sign pinned to my shirt that said 'My name is Anna. If lost, please return to Osan Air Base'.

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Greg and Shara said...

Oh girl, you're just so funny! I'm up blogging way too late, and here I am, laughing out loud, all by myself!!
Sounds like you're having a fun time! Enjoy yourself, your family, and the good ole' USA!!!