Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In between trips to Target, I have been brushing up on my Korean knowledge. It's been a little challenging, because all of the sources I've consulted are heavy on the history and I find Korean history deadly boring. I'm not sure why it's so boring to me; I'm not uninterested in history in general. Maybe it's because it's so depressing and lacks drama. No midnight runs across frozen wastelands to escape marauding communists, no shots heard round the world. Instead, it's all occupation, oppression, occupation, oppression and on and on for what seems like forever. But I persevered, and now I know at least twice as much about Korea as I did before! I'm better at math than Korean history, and I am very sure that twice as much Korean knowledge equals four more things. So go ahead, ask me anything. You might just get lucky.

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