Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home again, home again, my fat hen

Here we are, after a pretty uneventful trip. I was really dreading the flight but it was no trouble at all. There were no lines at immigration or customs, and we caught the early bus back to Osan. Then, it all fell apart. The 1.5 hour bus ride took 3.5 hours, and when it ended the bus left before we could get our stroller off. Lloyd got stuck in the elevator bringing our seven large bags into our building, and I was growing ever sicker. But that was minor unpleasantness, and now I feel a little better and we have totally unpacked.

The only casualty was one of the 14 bajillion bottles of organic ketchup we toted back from Whole Foods. It spattered over the inside of one of the bags, but only got on other bottles and some bags of oats. The chocolate was spared, providentially. Lloyd could probably eat ketchup and chocolate but.... Hey! that gives me a brilliant idea. Ketchup and chocolate candy bars! Remember that old Reese's commercial where the two schmoes crash into each other, and one has a chocolate bar and one has a jar of peanut butter? The chocolate ends up in the peanut butter jar and they go off together, to eat peanut butter and chocolate and presumably, live happily ever after. So if you see chocolate/ketchup confections on the market before I get back to build my empire, you'll know I've been ripped off.

Right now it is 3:30 a.m., and I have a question. Does anyone know where the phrase 'home again, home again, my fat hen' comes from? I was thinking it was a rhyme my grandfather used to say, but have realized that his rhyme was actually:

Jennifer, Jennifer, my green hen
She lays eggs for gentlemen
Sometimes one, sometimes ten
Jennifer, Jennifer, my green hen

I could look it up, of course, but sometimes I think Google takes all the mystery and fun out of everything.

And finally, the photo is of Weston in New Hampshire.

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aje196 said...

To market, to market to buy a fat pig, home again, home again jiggity jig.

To market, to market to buy a fat hog, home again, home again jiggity jog!!

Welcome home!!