Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Giveaway clarification

Okay, I'm getting a little bit frustrated here. I guess I was just not quite clear that there is a choice of gifts, not just a thrift store gift. Maybe I need a bloggy time-out. So I will try again:

Leave a comment on the Giveaway post telling whether you are a thrift shop fan or not so much. Then, if you win, I know whether you want the thrift shop bonanza or the alternate gift. If you cannot leave a comment, email one to, and I will put it in the comment field for you. The winner will be chosen by matching a random number to a comment number. If your comment number matches the random number, you win, and I will send you the appropriate gift.

I need to go lay down now.


ann daggett said...

i am all for thrifting... why buy new and pricey when you can have next to new for next to name is ann good will daggett ya know...

Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

Are you planning to disqualify applicants if they don't follow the rules?