Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guest Post Entry 6

From Jennifer:

The Way of the Woo-Woo

I m coming out.. I want the WOO WOO-RLD to know...

I am someone who sometimes, SEES things. As in, sees things that most other people don't. Sometimes I KNOW things too.

It comes in very clear black and white images in front of my eyes. Its very different than imagining, its more like seeing a photograph. As if that's not enough, sometimes i "hear" a voice as well-

This has happened most of my life, but it's been more prevalent lately.

Recently, I went to hear Dr Judith Orloff, a intuitive doctor, speak. She was amazing, and she called out the audience and said,

"YOU! There! Yes you! (me) you need to be telling people what you know. You aren't, are you!"

Ever since then, I have been trying to be better about revealing my secret woo woo side.

Around this time, I reconnected with an old HS friend off Facebook. I was glad to see him again, as I was thinking how much fun we used to have, and that I could use some just plain FUN times. We met to walk at greenlake.

Right away, I noticed a teapot over his head.

Yes, a teapot. In clairvoyance, it commonly comes in symbols. A lot of times (most the time, in fact) I don't even know what it means- just that it is there. Sometimes its an obvious reference, (Once I saw a dog kennel door w/ bars over a woman- turns out that she was feeling "trapped") more often times there is not, and i have no idea what it means, which is usually why I don't say anything. Oh yeah, and that people think you are a freak. There is that. Oh, and... its not my business.

We go the whole way around the lake, chatting. NO teapot mention. I decided later to email him and ask him about the teapot. Silence. and weeks later....Still silence.

I guess the world is not ready for my message, or maybe I ll hear from him when he lands a contract with a tea company or meets his dream guy at a tea house. Or... whatever.

I guess that this has taught me that, while there are those who are not ready to hear about a teapot above their head, there is no harm in letting them know. So i guess I will try and be more forthcoming, and I ll let YOU know if I see a bunch of grapes, a spider web, or a shoe hanging from your butt. After all, what are friends for?


The Martin Family said...

Is this real? If so, I'm very intrigued!

Anna said...

Everything on SFK is real!

Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

Well, let's be realisitic here....everyone lives in a slightly different "reality".