Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guest Post Entry 5

From Lisajoy:

The Pancake Story

Ok…ok…I'll tell you about the pancakes. The other morning as we are getting ready for school I'm trying to get the girls breakfast. Quincy is in hysterics: YOU NEVER FEED ME!! I'M HUNGRY!! THERE'S NEVER ANYTHING TO EAT!!!! I WANT FOOD!!! The one repeated most often - you never feed me. She is really beyond any reason. This went on for 20 mins. And I'm not exaggerating the time or her actions.

It had been sort of warm out the day before (and you know how our house is really a brick pizza oven) so the dining room window had been left cracked open over night. The elementary school bus stop is right outside our dining room. There are kids and parents milling around. I keep noticing how they are trying to look in our window without being obvious. Can't wait to get the call from Child Protective Services!

It was all because I didn't have pancakes for breakfast. Thing is - we NEVER have pancakes for breakfast!! I've made them maybe twice since Quincy's been old enough to remember what she's had for breakfast. I finally convinced her that she should just have the frozen waffles (that we always have in the freezer). She had one bite. One. Not one waffle. One bite. She was back to the normal happy kid she usually is.

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