Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guest Post Entry 2

From Anonymous:

Bummer Stickers

I'm usually a pretty easygoing person behind the wheel. Cut me off? Ok, you go first. Tailgating? Fine, I'll pull over and wish you on your way. I try to not get too excited and am usually successful. Baby on board? Congratulations!; I'll be careful. There is , HOWEVER, one notable exception. When I see certain bumper stickers I also see red. You've seen them too; they're all over the road! Of course I'm speaking of the bragging ones that go something like this: "My son is a genius on the Honor Roll at South Podunk Jr. Hi" or "I'm the proud parent of a Dismal Seepage Boy Scout". I wonder if these clueless folks get it that they're perceived by many/most other drivers as real jerks? I'm just saying people should tone it down; these brats are probably gonna make liars out of you before your dotage, anyway. It's not sour grapes on my part, either. I've got pride in my family, too. In fact on one of my cars there's a bummer stinker happily declaring "My brother got two years off his sentence for 'pretty good' behavior at San Quentin". The trailing edge of our truck enthuses "Our son's FIRST mug shot became one of America's Most Wanted".

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